Our solutions cover multiple areas.

MMM / Marketing Mix Modeling
Demand prediction
Detection of potential dropouts

We identify the real sales impact of the different communication levers.

Using historical data and enriching it with complementary data, we effectively model sales to predict future scenarios.

Using historical data and enriching it with complementary data, we effectively model sales to predict future scenarios.

Lead scoring
Identification of upsell & cross-sell opportunities
Customer activation

Classification of leads according to potential for conversion to customers and/or potential for long-term value.

Identification of the best product options for cross-sell and upsell with each individual contact available in the DB.

Classification of active and inactive customers, detection of activity/inactivity drivers and contact reactivation plans.

Growth drivers
Optimization of loyalty programs
Customer segmentation

Analysis of historical databases to discover motivating and demotivating levers for growth.

Determination of the most appropriate content, moments and channels for each client in order to optimise contact monetisation.

Identification of multiple customer segments in order to apply the most effective conversion, upsell and cross-sell actions to each one.

Product recommendation
Prediction of customer value (Lifetime Value - LTV)
Optimization of customer acquisition cost (CAC)

We determine those products with the highest probability of purchase to suggest as substitutes or complements.

Determination of the expected future value of each individual customer based on their user behavioural profile.

Execution of customer acquisition campaigns applying data-driven strategies to improve acquisition costs.

Full channel communication strategies
Optimization of crossmedia & crosschannel actions
ROI measurement of advertising channels

Combined optimisation of TOFU, MOFU and BOFU actions to maximise overall combined impact.

Measuring the impact of online actions on offline sales, and vice versa.

Measurement of ROI and ROAS from push paid media channel modelling through MMM models.

Optimization of ROAS of future investment scenarios in media
Detection of advertising channel saturation
Real impact of own media

Investment scenario optimisation tools based on MMM models.

Identification of saturation curves for each of the push paid and organic channels.

Measuring the sales impact of actions through own media.

Incrementality of actions
Attribution of sales in cookieless scenario
Modeling of dynamic prices and discounts

Lift experiments to measure causality and incrementality of marketing levers.

Beyond what each advertising medium reports, we analyse the actual attribution of each medium to total sales.

We determine optimal price levels and discounts in environments of maximum product capillarity, warehouses, time periods and sales channels.

Optimization of pricing and assortment
Sales forecast of new products
Evaluation of promotion effectiveness

Determination of price and product combinations that maximise the overall revenue and/or margin of supply.

Expected impact on results of new product launches.

Determining the real impact of promotions by calculating the actual sales incremental.