Data Sources

We work with all primary data sources available in an organization such as a CRM, ERP, CDP, Web, App Analytics or Sensors / IoT. We also use alternative data sources to profile the available data in more detail. These additional sources can be both open data (cadastre, meteorological data, etc) or databases from accredited industry partners.


01. Planning

Concretization of objectives | Definition of output | Determination of data sources | Definition of infrastructure | Choice of work tools | Constitution of Kraz & client team.

02. Set Up

Data collection | Data transformation (ETL) | Storage management | QA | Data enrichment.

03. Analysis

Data Analysis | Analysis Modelling.

04. Implementation of results

Setup of the agreed output (eg dashboard, enriched database, algorithm, production implementation, etc) | Training of teams in client | Project reporting.

05. Evaluation and iteration

Detection of improvements in the project | New hypotheses, future analysis proposals.

results orientation

As an analytical consultancy we are oriented to measurable and tangible results, with direct impact on business, that's why all Kraz projects will always include the following elements:
01. Starting Point: Real business need.
02. Economic Impact:
Improvement of revenues and margins.
03. Actionability:
Actionable Results.
04. Efficiency:
Maximum result with minimum resource consumption.
05. Search and discovery:
Revealing hidden elements in the data, not evident in a simple first analysis.