Functional Areas

Our projects cover different functional areas of organizations


Kraz projects have a significant impact on metrics related to:

Customer lifecycle
(conversion, retention)

Customer profitability
(cross sell, upsell, recurrence, LTV)

Customer experience (effectiveness contact touchpoints, relevance of contents, etc)

Examples of projects in the marketing area

Attribution models / MMM

• Scoring of customers/prospects on multiple variables (next purchase, LTV, risk of abandonment, risk of non-payment, etc)

• Classifications / Segmentation of customers and prospects

• Product recommenders for crossell, upsell

• Customer Experience (matching contents - profiles - times - channels, etc)

Pricing optimization (dynamic prices, discount optimization, etc)

Commercial Attention

Application of data science to commercial attention procedures.

Examples of commercial attention

Modeling of customer satisfaction with call center service

Forecasting call center team dropouts

Forecasting incoming call volumes and resource sizing

Measuring the impact of HR policies on call center operators

Chatbot programming

• Optimization of staff (sizing, schedules) by sales establishments

Manufacturing / Industry

Projects in the field of industrial manufacturing

Stock optimization / supply plans

Optimization of predictive maintenance plans for machinery and facilities

Counting of elements/parts

Detection of defects in materials

Demand forecasting models (by products, establishments…)

Classification of parts/materials 

Distribution / Logistics / Mobility

Projects related to the product supply chain

Optimization of delivery routes (models from demand volume constraints and available resources)

• Optimal location of distribution points

• Demand forecasting models (by products, establishments, …) in the short, medium and long term

• Impact of logistics actions on customer satisfaction and turnover

• Collection of IoT data from logistics equipment (temperature, traffic, routes, etc)

• Checking delivery addresses


Projects in the area of People analytics contribute to improving HR management, specifically in relation to selection, communication, remuneration, training and internal promotion policies.

Projects related to human resources

Optimization of staff (sizing, schedules) by sales establishments.

Detection of behavioral patterns influencing satisfaction and employee performance.

• Impact of remunerative actions (perk) on satisfaction data, performance and employee retention.

Detection of behavioral patterns influencing ssatisfaction and employee performance.