MMM - Marketing Mix Modeling

Optimize your marketing strategy, advertising efficiency and media planning online and offline.

Budget Optimization

Are you having trouble determining the optimal level of investment in each marketing channel?

Thanks to MMM you will be able to have intelligent budget prediction formulas based on results, ensuring that each extra investment in media has a direct impact on business.

In this way you will be able to know which channels generate greater return and in which ones you should reduce or increase your budget.

Cross Channel Attribution

Often, the coexistence and contribution of simultaneous actions in multiple channels makes it difficult to determine the weight of each one in the final conversions. With Marketing Mix Modeling you will be able to know:

What investment is necessary and in which channels to achieve your goals.

How each increase in investment impacts sales.

How to reduce media investment without affecting results.

Smart Contribution

If you want to know the real ROI of each of your currently contracted advertising channels, MMM is the solution. With the help of this model you will be able to know exactly what volume of sales is directly generated by the advertising investment in each channel.

CrossMedia Advertising Effectiveness

Current users are always hyperconnected, so marketing campaigns have to reach all points where their buyer persona is, whether offline or online. But how to correctly measure the coexistence between these two channels?

Thanks to Marketing Mix Modeling it is possible to define an algorithmic model that helps us quantify the impact of digital campaigns on offline sales, and vice versa.

At Kraz we use advanced analytics methodologies and data science to build adhoc MMM models, making this tool a fundamental piece for strategic decision making by CMOs and CEOs.

If you still have more unanswered questions about MMM models and projects of this type, don't miss this webinar that Joan Miró and Quim Coll have done about it. In this session we introduce the basic concepts, main advantages of implementation, expectations and possible results or applications in your digital marketing strategy.

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